Wes Anderson (Texas, 1969) is a director known for his characteristic visual style, pastel and ochre colour palettes and his eccentric characters.

The director’s creative alliance with screenwriter Roman Coppola has given us such cinematographic gems as “Darjeeling Limited” and “Moonrise Kingdom”. And this same successful duo is behind two of Prada’s best Fashion Films. Aesthetics and attention to detail, not to mention the director’s dysfunctional but amusing universe, are all reflected in the following audiovisual pieces that depict the imagery of the Italian brand.

Castello Cavalcanti

A surrealist homage to classic Italian cinema, starring one of his go-to actors, Jason Schwartzman, and Giada Colagrande.


Prada Candy L’eau

Presented as a mini-series comprised of three chapters, in which Léa Seydoux is the star of a love triangle with the aesthetics of Jacques Demy and the spirit of François Truffaut.