Once upon a time, when the lion is majestic… Inside Chanel

This is an online fashion film armed with 12 episodes, twelve stories that mark the history, style and legacy of Gabrielle Chanel.  A long time ago, there was Coco and the birth of a legend. The lion, the colours of the house, the diamond, Paris, Karl Lagerfeld, Marilyn Monroe and the legendary Chanel No. 5.

Each story has its own style and rhythm. It’s an ingenious mixture of editorial and documentary that transforms into a delight through the use of different textures and archive footage. There is no recommendation for viewing them and in the best-case scenario, the most advisable thing to do would be to let yourself get carried away by the music and imagine the mirrored staircase at Rue Cambon 31 where Coco Chanel secretly watched her fashion shows.

Once upon a time… reflections of passions and objects that inspired the world of Mademoiselle Chanel.


by Alan Mclane Alejos