In 2011, Steven Klein, one of the world’s most prolific photographers, directed model and actress Amber Valletta in a series of 10 fashion films that explore the inevitable passage of time for W Magazine. Each episode plays with a minimalist atmosphere designed in exquisite black and white and a subtle movement of the cameras, reflecting Klein’s signature obsessions. The time capsule is a video installation project that stands out in Klein’s portfolio due its dark and philosophical handling of the notion and meaning of beauty.

Ten reflections that dissect Amber’s image and contrast it with images of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, enigmatic masculine presences, and universal symbols of power, decadence and rebirth. Various claustrophobic moments are shown throughout these fashion films that seem as though they were taken straight out of David Lynch’s dreams and transform them into a cinematic experience in which sophisticated glamour noir and occasional suggestions of bondage reveal fashion’s sinister side.


by Alan Mclane Alejos