In addition to being one of the most celebrated athletes in the world, David Beckham has become a bit of a style icon. One would assume that this is likely due, in no small part, to his fashionably posh and business-savvy wife, Victoria – a fashion legend in her own right. That being said, the famous footballer is no newcomer to Fashion Films, having been featured in a variety of them in recent years. His latest foray into the genre includes “Outlaws”, a short film created by British luxury lifestyle brand Belstaff. Written and directed by Geremy Jasper of Legs Media, and partly produced by Liv Tyler, “Outlaws” also features Harvey Keitel, Katherine Waterston and Cathy Moriarte. An oneiric film within a film set in Mexico, the narrative follows David, who plays the Stranger, a silent motorcycle hero consumed by the memories of a beautiful trapeze artist (Waterston) he met while getting caught up in the seedy underbelly of a travelling circus and its menacing ringleader (Keitel).

Following fast on the tracks of the premiere of “Outlaws”, Becks teamed up with lovable comedian Kevin Hart to promote H&M’s latest instalment of Modern Essentials Selected by David Beckham. In a hilarious and potentially inadvertent nod to the 80’s movie “Twins”, the latest Fashion Film from the Swedish high street giant presents Kevin Hart as a method actor, preparing to audition for the potentially career-defining role of David Beckham in the fictional flick, “I, Beckham”.

Just seven months prior, we saw the release of the slightly more serious Fashion Film where Beckham worked with Marc Forster (the German-Swiss director of the Academy Award-winning films “Monster’s Ball” and “Finding Neverland”) to promote the spring line of his Modern Essentials for H&M. In this iteration, Becks is a calm, cool, collected pool player that apparently has the ability to bend the laws of physics.

And of course, who could forget the brilliant spots for David Beckham’s Bodywear line, also for H&M, in which he leaves little to the imagination, showcases his athleticism and runs around town in just his underwear. Here’s the film that Guy Ritchie directed in 2013, showcased in MFFF 2013 in our curated exhibit by Debbie Smith.

by Javier Varela