Ever since the debut of Chunking Express (1994) viewers could sense the stylised reality that Taiwanese director Wong Kar Wai would imprint on his future films. The stylistic zenith arrived with In the Mood for Love (2000), a film that identifies him as a true master in the fusion of cinematography and current fashion trends.

Commissioned in 2007 by the company Philips for the HD Aura monitor, There’s only one Sun (2007) is a clear example of his fascination with exotic design visionary flair for fashion. This advertisement organically functions as a fashion film by depicting in this retro-futuristic story the genre’s expressive and thematic possibilities. Every sequence, camera shot and angle provide an additional aesthetic element to the cinematic imagination, creating a unique visual product that stands on its own. It’s also a well-deserved homage to Jean Luc Goddard’s legendary movie Alphaville (1965) with a techno noir twist.

by Alan Mclane Alejos