“Sometimes it’s good to have cake for no reason at all”.

In the wake of his career-establishing and much buzzed about film debut with Tangerine, a frank and funny movie on the transgender experience, Sean Baker was the obvious choice to direct a short film for fashion brand Kenzo late last year. Like Tangerine, Snowbird was written by Baker and shot entirely with an IPhone, a clip-on lens, and an app called FilmicPro. The result? A moving narrative on the passage of time interspersed with long stunning shots of Slab City, a desert location in the California badlands. The area is home to an off-the-grid community of nomads who migrate from north to south as the colder season approaches – i.e., snowbirds.

The film stars model and actress Abbey Lee as she treks across a vast and sometimes beautifully cluttered landscape, visiting with assorted members of the community (some of which are Slab City residents in real life), offering them a slice of cake. It’s a poignant story in which the seemingly superficial element of clothing takes second stage. Don’t miss the sentimental surprise ending.