One of the the masters of American Avant Garde Cinema, leaves his mark within fashion world through this subtle fashion film commissioned by the prestigious Italian fashion house Missoni. Being used to analyze human desires´realm with acid textures and yet hypnotic, Anger achieves intense sensorial instants with simple dissolves and auditive atmosphere by renowned composer Kouldman.

For this fashion film, the director of cult classic such as Rabbit´s Moon (1950), Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome,(1954) and Rising Scorpio (1964) among other titles, works with several member of the Missioni family in order to project with his own experimental style the 2010 Spring/Summer Collection. And just similar as the late Ottavio Missoni, “Il Maestro del Colore”, Kenneth Anger reaffirms his name as  “il Maestro de la imagen”. A jewel among fashion films.