Tales of the Wild is a series of fashion documentary films made by Arthur de Kersauson & Clement Beauvais for Dior that takes us on an extraordinary journey into the lives of four authentic men who embody the philosophy of Sauvage (the new perfum by Dior), in real life. These four portraits follow their quest for freedom and meaning, each governed by a desire to convey one’s passion.

What does being “Sauvage” mean today?, that is the startin point for these four fashion films. Starring Harrison Roach, Jakob von Plessen, Arthur Van Der Putten, and Ethan Pringle — four inspiring characters who decided to radically change the course of their lives and reconnect with nature in exceptional places around the world.

Solace – Episode 1
Harrison Roach
Far away from the surf business industry and competitions, Harrison was able to make a living out of his passion; surfing became his lifestyle. Every day, he drives alone for hundreds of miles and braves some of the most dangerous wildlife in the world, seeking the wave he would be the only one to ride. See his spiritual dialogue with the ocean.

Gaucho – Episode 2
Jakob Von Plessen
Son of an Austrian family, raised in Argentina, Jakob left the life his parents had planned for him, to trace his own path, one among horses. Deep in the heart of the breathtaking Patagonian landscape, he followed the path of his childhood heroes, and now serves as a guide to those seeking to discover this way of life

Aizkolari – Episode 3
Arthur Van Der Putten
Drawn to the Basque country, Arthur gave up his job in Paris to build his life in majestic landscapes, between mountains and sea. He is dedicated to safeguarding the age-old traditions of “Force Basque,” a set of highly physical challenges (wood chopping, stone lifting, etc.) that he performs to push his limits and share his passion.

El Capitan – Episode 4
Ethan Pringle
Living in San Francisco, Ethan felt the need to get out and confront himself to the mountains. Impressively brave and graceful, he scales the legendary Yosemite cliffs in California with his bare hands. Inherent in his conquest of new routes is a desire to reach a higher physical and spiritual level.