Honorary Award II Edition

Nick Knight


Nick Knight is among the world´s most influential and visionary photographers and director of award winning fashion website SHOWstudio.com. Knight is a true pioneer in the world of fashion film. Founding SHOWstudio in 2000, he revolutionized the relationship between audiovisual narrative and fashion. As an international fashion photographer he learned about the incredible potential for communication and for arts that Internet would allow. He also recognized the limits that still photography was putting on photographers, the fashion world and the possibility of fashion in movement. As a true visionary, instead of feeling intimated by the Internet, Knight embraced it and all of its possibilities it presented to fashion photographers and the fashion world. Ever since SHOWstudio has been recognized as the “home” of fashion film, communication and arts nurturing and encouraging fashion to engage with moving image in the digital age.

As a fashion photographer he has constantly challenged the conventional concept of beauty and collaborated with other visionaries like Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano, Rick Owens, Comme des Garcon and Alexander McQueen.  He has shot both editorial and advertising projects for clients including Alexander McQueen, Audi, Calvin Klein , Christian Dior, Jil Sander , Lancôme, Levi Strauss, Martine Sitbon, Mercedes-Benz, Royal Ballet, Royal Opera House, Swarovski and Yves Saint Laurent.  He has also directed fashion films for musicians like Bjork, Kanye West and Lady Gaga. Knight’s work has been exhibited at such international art institutions as the Victoria & Albert Museum, Saatchi Gallery, the Photographers’ Gallery and Hayward Gallery.